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Impact of genetically modified food on health of consumers in India

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The aim of this investigation is to understand the effects of genetically modified food on the health of consumers in the area of Yavatmal, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This knowledge is essential since genetically modified (GM) foods are newly introduced in India. GM cotton is publically available; however, approval for GM Brinjal and GM mustard is still pending in India. To understand the impact of GM food consumption on the health of consumers, a survey was organised in Yavatmal district in Maharashtra among 350 consumers of GM cotton and its by-products (like cotton oil) and 350 consumers of non-GM cotton and the by-products. This study also observed the health of 125 livestock that eats GM food and 91 livestock that eat non-GM food. The collected information was analysed with t-test along with the descriptive statistics. Results of this investigation show that GM food consumers were less affected by any health-related problems than non-GM food users. This study is useful for policymakers to prepare the most favourable policy for different stakeholders of GM food.


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