The database contains 5 papers and supporting references that have been identified as having information on Vitale Jand the Safety and Benefits of Biotechnology.

Papers relating to Vitale J and Biotechnology:

  1. The Socio-economic Impacts of GM Cotton in Burkina Faso: Does Farm Structure Affect How Benefits are Distributed?
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  2. The Commercial Application of GMO Crops in Africa: Burkina Faso’s Decade of Experience with Bt Cotton
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  3. Second-generation Bt cotton field trials in Burkina Faso: Analyzing the potential benefits to West African farmers
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  4. The economic impacts of second generation Bt cotton in West Africa: empirical evidence from Burkina Faso
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  5. The Economic Impacts of Introducing Bt Technology in Smallholder Cotton Production Systems of West Africa: A Case Study from Mali
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