World Development Report 2010 – Development and Climate Change

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Extract: Ag Biotech Highlights

The World Bank's 2010 World Development Report (released Sept 15th) highlights agricultural biotechnology's contributions to international development and climate change mitigation. Excerpts from the report showcasing biotechnology's benefits include:

"Biotechnology could provide a transformational approach to addressing the tradeoffs between land and water stress and agricultural productivity, because it could improve crop productivity, increase crop adaptation to climatic stresses such as drought and heat, mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pesticide and herbicide applications."  (p. 166)

"For example, advances in biotechnology offer potential for adapting to climate-related events (droughts, heat waves, pests, and diseases) affecting agriculture and forestry." (p. 303)

"Agriculture and health depend on biotechnology to develop new technologies" (p. 315)


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