Socio-economic impacts of GM crop technology: ‘second round’ impacts

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Abstract or Summary

This paper summarises the findings of a literature search into ‘second round’ socio-economic impacts of genetically modified (GM) crop technology, since it was first adopted on a broad commercial scale, in 1996. In contrast to the literature and analysis available on the ‘first round’ socio-economic effects (see separate paper), there is a much more limited literature available examining ‘second round’ impacts.
The paper is structured by socio-economic impact/effect, with brief summaries of relevant analysis from the available literature. It was not an intention of the paper to provide full and detailed information on each paper cited (eg, relating to methodology of research for each paper), and readers wishing to explore such aspects further should consult the original literature.


Socio-economic impacts of GM crop technology: ‘second round’ impacts (held on an external server, and so may require additional authentication details)

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