GMOs and the issue of coexistence in Italy

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Abstract or Summary

The aim of this paper is to analyze the use of genetically modified organisms in the agricultural sector, the way in which the issue of transgenic foods is regulated into European Union and the guidelines on coexistence between genetically modified (GM) and traditional crops. Nowadays the modern consumer supports above all the typical and healthy food products. Notwithstanding, there is a broad and complex legislative framework for sustainable and high quality products: the issue of GM foods is at odds with everything.

Wide literature review is done to base the discussion of the present viewpoint paper.

Thematic analysis revealed that increasing use of biotechnology worldwide opens many opportunities, but also some problems, due to the attitude of consumers toward the naturalness of food. It also revealed that coexistence is possible, but presents many obstacles, despite the positive observations of Italian scientific studies.

This paper addresses the issue of coexistence between GM and traditional crops in more depth, providing analysis not previously existing above all in the Italian context.


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