Economic impacts of GM crops in Australia

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Farmers in Australia have rapidly adopted genetically modified (GM) cotton, which now accounts for more than 90 per cent of the land area planted to cotton. This has allowed farmers to maintain their competitiveness in the global export market for cotton lint and has benefited cotton-growing regions.
Apart from GM cotton and carnations, there has been no other commercial release of a GM field crop in Australia. The New South Wales and Victorian governments announced in early 2008 that the commercial growing of GM canola in these two states would be allowed from the 2008 season. It is likely other GM crop varieties will also become available for commercial plantings in the future.
This report focuses on the potential economic impact of GM crop adoption in Australia. For illustrative purposes, the benefits to states from early and delayed adoption of GM crops are simulated, highlighting the significant economic cost associated with delay of adoption of GM crops.


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